Our vineyards

A heritage we want to preserve

The Falknis mountain range majestically overtops the vineyards around Maienfeld. Over millions of years it´s scree material was deposited all the way down to the Rhine River and built the base for viticulture. For over 1000 years wine cultivation has been practiced in the Bündner Herrschaft. For 200 years Pinot Noir – the king of red wines – has been our greatest asset. Generations before us have cultivated these grounds. We are proud to work and live here and are eager to preserve it.

Although farming vineyards means a lot of work, this job is a satisfaction, sort of giving our love via our vines to our wines.

Vineyard work can´t be done after a pattern. It depends on the weather. No spring, no summer, nor fall or winter is the same as the previous.    

Farming grapes - the base for high quality wine

The quality of our wines is based in the vineyards. Following ecological principles and seeking diversity is a very interesting challenge – in the vineyards as well as in the winery.

Our family owned and family run estate, with the help of competent and loyal helpers, grants loving and careful maintenance of the habitat vineyard.  Pruning and nursing our vines are the most important requirements for a high quality farming. For an ideal sun exposure of grapes and perfect growing conditions in the trellis system, leaves, shoots and clusters are thinned and arranged in many hours of handwork throughout the season. These activities, associated with a strict green harvest (crop adjustment) are essential basics for high quality wine production.  

The aim of all the above is to bring the fully mature fruit of our grapes to bottle.

Vineyard Stellibofel

This monopole* vineyard is a very special piece of land. Some huge boulders add a magical atmosphere to this place. Where might they have come from? Dark clouds surround the mountaintops – from up there?

This vineyard is well sheltered. Mother nature grew tall trees; people have artfully stacked rocks to create protecting walls. If you turn the right stone, you might find a petrified snail from primeval times. Little lizards scurry into cracks; they love their home in these near to nature managed vineyards.

Between the vines, dandelions are growing knee-high. Our 5acres block “Stellibofel” is surrounded by stonewalls and bushes – what a lovely spot! 

*A monopole is an area controlled by a single winery. Frequently this is mentioned on the label and it is rare for only one winery to produce all the wine from an area entitled to a certain name. (Wikipedia)

Vineyard Photo Book

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